Top reasons for South Africans to emigrate now.

If I can use one word to describe how I (and most) South Africans feel about South Africa right now, it would be FRUSTRATED!  With what’s been going on in South Africa recently, the big question everybody is asking is: Do we stay and fight or do we pack up and leave? There is no easy answer, unfortunately, but I for one realise that I never started this fight, to begin with. Why should I have to give up my dreams for a future to finish somebody else’ fight? Here are the reasons I say, let’s pack up and leave:

Racism is Not Ending Soon

Apartheid, in my honest opinion, is bulls%@t! The fact of the matter is no one chooses the colour of their skin the day they are born, so why our forefathers felt the need to discriminate against the black people just blows my mind. I can’t figure it out!  I can understand why black people are angry at all white people. It’s because they think we all condone apartheid. This is not true at all!

The problem now is that people are fighting fire with fire. Nothing good will ever come from that! I realise that for generations you had no rights, you were treated like animals and that is not fair, but South Africa can’t go on like this! We can’t keep racism alive.  It will kill South Africa.

No future for children in South Africa

As a mother of a fifteen-year-old, I am truly fearful of her future in South Africa. Look, I understand the whole #FeesMustFall strike but honestly, there is a handful first world countries that can offer free education. This is not a given. This is not a right! Everything in life is not just handed to you on a silver plate, sometimes (most of the time) you have to work very hard for what you want!

Crime in South Africa

I don’t know about you but I am tired of feeling scared.  I am tired of always clinging on to everything I own when walking in public. I hate the fact that it is not safe to walk around in my neighborhood and that I always have to double check for suspicious cars when turning into my driveway. But most of all, I’m tired of feeling scared in my own house with an alarm system, electric fencing, and three dogs. Nobody should have to live like this!  What is even sadder is this is all my daughter knows. This is her normal. I want so much more for her than this!

Jacob Zuma is a joke

And a rapist and a corrupt thief with no education and yet he is still president. Nuff said!

They say the grass is not greener on the other side. I say, the grass is green where you water it and unfortunately, our grass have been stolen so I’ll go and find some other grass to water. Don’t get me wrong, I love South Africa and think it’s a beautiful country with lots of potential and if you want to stay and fight, I wish you luck because you’ll need it.

I will miss my extended family but I owe it to myself and my family to go and find a better, peaceful life.


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  1. Elizabeth Ryder says:

    Not everyone can immigrate to another country . They would love to but can’t!!!


    1. I totally understand that and I feel sorry for those who want to but can’t!!


  2. Daphne says:

    Our children left both to the UK and USA, and now at our “old” age we are following. The grand children walk to school safely, no burglar bars on the windows. So tired too of being burgled, living in a jail, etc. So sad too as such a beautiful place to leave.


    1. That is what I want for my children as well, to feel safe! Never to old to start over! Good Luck!


  3. Come to the UAE. So many Saffas here you won’t ever feel homesick!

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  4. Andre van Wyk says:

    Our children also emigrated USA and NZ with grand kids. Here we are, all alone. Its not easy but we make do because we have to. Where do we go who do we follow or do we stay???


    1. It’s a difficult decision to make but if you can get out, I say go for it! And where? Wherever the’ll take you!! Good luck!


  5. Scotty P says:

    We can leave , but don’t want to.

    We are leaving, but don’t want to.

    We will miss our South Africa.


  6. Scotty P says:

    Good article 👍


  7. chris Jones says:

    Emigrating is such a personal thing. We did it years ago but in the time I’ve been here, I’ve yet to hear of family’s with identical reasons for going. There are of course commonalities between migrants.
    Its also a selfless decision too. You would generally do it for your kids future so they have more opportunities as they grow.
    Emigration is not for softies. Its really hard and often that struggle isn’t understood by those that elect to remain.


    1. Thanks for you comment! I agree, emigration is probably one of the toughest things to do. Where did you emigrate to?


  8. Ilana Josman says:

    Good article. Left South Africa almost a year ago. It has not been easy starting all over again. But at least I can walk my daughter to school , take her to the park without carrying pepper spray, walk around my new neighbourhood and to the shops, which I would not be able to safely do in Cape Town. Yes, the homesickness is overwhelming at times and there is a deep sadness for what and who was left behind and the thought of going back to South Africa and to what was familiar is always at the back of my mind. But to sleep peacefully at night and not worry about being white and how I would educate my daughter, makes things easier.


    1. I love hearing stories like this! I can’t wait to be able to do the same!!


  9. RajC says:

    All very valid points raised, and yes we are in the planning stages of moving and always realizing how much you are going to miss family and friends once you have left. Attending family functions and thinking to yourself that next year this time you may not be here to share and celebrate these special occasions.


    1. I know, I think this is the biggest issue when wanting to emigrate


  10. Shelley van Niekerk says:

    I would love to go to a place that is safe and has a future for my daughter, but Im divorced and my ex wont let me leave the country with our child….. its a hard struggle. Also, where do you go?? I dont even have a passport. I think some of us are hoping that things will change! God Help us.


    1. It really is a difficult situation! And I wish you all the best! I truly hope the situation in SA improves!


  11. Well honestly you need to have a degree and be wealthy if you want to emigrate to any other country or they won’t accept you. Not easy anymore unless your an asylum seeker refugee.


    1. I hear you. It is a struggle!

      I am working on an ebook with all the available options for South Africans to get out of here. Keep an eye on my website for info!


  12. neil says:

    Great article and well written, we moved to the UK my boys are happy and have very good jobs.. As most people do we miss SA I am very fortunate to travel globally and I meet South Africans everywhere which reminds me of our common upbringing and the ease of communication and doing business with like minded individuals.

    The ease of living in UK and the kids with good jobs and the safety of living here (with Rhodesian Grandparents) makes the effort worthwhile.


    1. Thanks Neil! I also intend to move to the UK! I love hearing success stories!


  13. Jonelle says:

    It’s so tragic that we are coming to the same conclusion. I don’t want to leave. This is home but I’m so tired of being afraid all the time!


    1. I know, and I want better for my children!


      1. Jonelle says:

        I’ve just scheduled a blog post to go live tomorrow saying exactly that. It’s not about me anymore… but my son!

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  14. Pieter says:

    My parents decided to move us to Australia in 1988 when I was just a kid. They saw the writing on the wall even then. It was hard knowing that I would never see my grandparents again – we did not have the money for return trips. I was in my early teens and missed my school friends dearly. The first five years were the toughest. My parents never recovered financially but my brother, sister and I are doing much better than we would have if we stayed there. We now live in a very wealthy country with good jobs and can afford to travel to SA regularly as an antidote for the things we miss – just the wildlife these days as grandparents are long gone. Saffas everywhere in Australia and unlike the 80s you can buy a lot of SA brands and products in the shops. Biltong, gem squash, Ouma’s rusks, koeksisters, boerewors, mielie pap, you name it, someone sells it here…and the funny thing is South Africa has moved on as well and no longer feels like ‘home’.


    1. Thanks for sharing! I fully intend to to this so my children can have a better future!


  15. Rhonalda says:

    I am desperate to leave but I will never leave my parents behind to fend for themselves. My daughter is 6 and has just started school. She deserves a future but so do I. Its just a matter of finding a way out. We had a successful family business for 25yrs but thanx to BBBEE we have lost all our corpotate and gov tender jobs. There in one fowl swoop went our livelihood. 3 generations gone to hell and we are now amongst the many families who are stuggling for survival and cant afford to buy our way to greener pastures.

    I am desperate. I dont know where to turn for help or even who (which embassy/consulate/ department/organisation etc) to approach.

    I have heard that there have been cases where South Africans have been successful in claiming assylum based on the circumstances in SA such as loss of
    Employment opportunities due to BBBEE and unliklihood of finding employment due to “whites need not apply” policy. This ofcourse in addition to reverse appartheid, violence, murder rates etc.

    I dont know how we can be saved from this sinking ship but I need a lifeline and Im sure there are probably millions of others who would jump if they knew someone would be there to pick them up.
    Surely there must be someone we can reach out to…


    1. Hi Rhonalda, I hear your frustration! I am busy writing a series of ebooks with all options for South Africans to emigrate. Keep an eye on my website!

      I really hope you find a way out! We all deserve better for us and for our children!



  16. Kerry says:

    Good article! I love South Africa and wish my children could grow up with their grandparents, cousins and aunts and uncles. I hope that things improve and that everyone has a chance to have a good quality of life and to live in safety. The future of our children – safety, freedom, education, employment and quality of life is why we won’t return.

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